Best Tents For Camping- Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons [2020]

Best Tents for camping have been a crucial part of the camping experience for a very long time. We need the best camping tents to survive out in the wilderness and they have been used for thousands of years. With today’s technology, they are getting better and better.

How and why do  we need best camping tents?

Best camping tents are sleek, stylish and can be adapted and personalized to suit every need. A tent is a great option whether you are a single backpacker- just you against the wild or a family of four getting away for a fishing weekend.

We need tents for the following reasons; best tents provide shelter, security and protection from the elements. They do not harm the environment as they cause no pollution.

Camping tents are a simple way to move around the world, set up a comfortable living space for however long you need and move on. You can take everything you need with you in a tent and feel like you are at home even if you are on the opposite side of the world.

Tents today have become better equipped to deal with what nature throws at us. Whether that is torrential rain, snow or intensely dry deserts tents can deal with it all. If you are going camping without a tent- you aren’t doing it right.

Types of Tent Available

Tents come in six differing fundamental types and frames. They are; Traditional A-Frame, Modified A-Frame, Tunnel, Single Hoop, Hoop and Dome tents.

Traditional A-Frame tents are lightweight but usually have an added tarp for extra weather protection; they are a little heavy to carry around but are sturdy, strong and basic.

Modified A-Frame tents use curved poles instead of straight poles.

Tunnel tents provide excellent stability provided that they are pitched end-on to oncoming winds.

Hoop tents use a more complex system of rope ties but snow and water easily slide off, keeping weight off the fabric.

Single hoop tents are the lightest in weight and perfect for cyclists or backpackers due to their simplicity and lightweight.

Lastly, dome tents are the most popular because they are free-standing, sturdy and modern, they have basic rounded structures and don’t hold any acute angles which means when the wind does pick up, it doesn’t hit the tent at harsh angles and knock the entire structure around.

The physical and aerodynamic design lets the wind spill off the side of the dome and spread around the tent, deflecting the damage and keeping the tent solid and sturdy.

Top Brands:

There are many brands available in the market. Top brands are Coleman, Alps Mountaineering, Eureka, Kelty etc.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Tents For Camping?

When buying a tent it is important to take into account the material or fabric that the major bulk of the tent is made out of.

Canvas is the most durable but it is very heavy. Nylon provides a lightweight alternative but is not very weather resistant.

Polyester is great in the sunshine but it does not without poor weather conditions at all

Usually, nylon is the best way to go with an excellent frame and sturdy pitching they can withstand mild storms.

Polyester is great because it protects the people inside from UV rays which are harmful to the skin and cause burns. You can stay in the shade with this tent and not get burnt. Even when you are in colder conditions the sun’s rays are damaging.

Weather Conditions

When you are camping you are out in the elements, you are at the total mercy of Mother Nature, and you need to consider where you are going, what the weather will be like and what tent is best equipped to deal with these needs.

If you are going to a very wet climate you need to ensure you purchase a 100% waterproof rain fly tent with taped bathtub flooring so it doesn’t get wet inside.

If you are going to experience snowy or stormy weather you will want to consider a canvas tent perhaps that will be much heavier but won’t collapse with the harsher weather conditions.

Best camping tents are a great way to explore the world but you also need to be protected from it. Another feature that many people often overlook when they are considering purchasing a tent is the wildlife around them.

Zippers are great as a basic measure for security but you need to be aware of other safety features that some tents can offer.

Bright colored tents can attract unwanted attention to your camp that you might not necessarily want. Brighter colors on the other hand also make your tent very easy to see from afar.

Best tents for camping - best camping tents

If you ever get lost and need to find the way back to your belongings- there is nothing better than a big yellow tent to find your way.

It also depends on the purpose of your camp; RV camping and wildlife camping could mean you are studying animals or you are observing or hunting them,

Thus needing an element of stealth a camouflage tent or kind of best tents with earth tones would be the best for you in this situation in order for you to blend into the surroundings.

You could be at a festival or rock concert and in that case a bright, easily recognizable best tents for camping would be fantastic so you can see exactly where you are and you won’t get lost in the crowd. Here it comes best camping tents for your safety.

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