Best Backpacking Tent Reviews [2020]

Before we dive in let’s clear up one thing. When we think of the best backpacking tent we almost exclusively think of backpackers and rugged outdoor hikers.

But that is just not the case. Long-distance runners, equestrians, bikers – both motorcycles and pedal bicyclists – use best backpacking tents, and of course hikers.

So when we say the best backpacking tent?

We are really meaning light, compact, easy to carry tents that are good for 1-2 people (sometimes 2 person tent) and accommodate all of the aforementioned activities and more.

Most of them are rated as three-season tents, but you will find some designed as four-season tents for extreme camping, like High Mountain backpacking trips.

One of the first considerations is weight. You will be personally carrying this item everywhere with you, in your pack, your hands, saddlebags etc… so you want to look for lightweight tents.

Most good backpacking tents weigh around 3-5 lbs. Compare that with classic tents weighing 7-10 Lbs or more, and you have already saved yourself some personal hassle and energy use right off the bat.

The next value is the size. A good tent is very small. The one I use is about 15 inches long and 7 inches round, and opens up to be 7 ft long and 4 ft 6 in wide sleeping two.

While they do vary quite a bit in size from one type to another and from one maker to another, lightweight backpacking tents are made to be much more compact than regular large camping tents. So ensure that you know the size your tent is going to take up in your pack before embarking on your trek.

Next feature, Like what, you may ask, are some necessary characteristics? Well one is a tent with a ‘fly’. If it rains or if it is extremely hot, you’ll be glad for that extra piece of nylon between your tent and Mother Nature.

You also want one with the ‘Jake Foot’ for easy setup by only one person. After a full day of hiking or stressing yourself, the last thing you want to do is to struggle with your tent.

You just want to relax and get some much-needed rest. That is one of the best features to the lightweight backpacking tents today; they make it easy for you to setup before you rest.

So the major considerations you need to think about are the weight of the tent, the size, and if it has the qualities you want. If the tent you find has all the things you desire then you have yourself an ace and you are ready to buy your tent.

Hopefully, you have already found the best backpacking tent on our website.

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Eureka Spitfire 1 Review

Eureka Spitfire 1 is a very interesting tent indeed. It’s a two-pole hoop tent. The only two pole hoop tent on this list in fact. It is made for one camper and it is made for pretty extreme  weather conditions.

It includes a large vestibule for storage space which is actually roughly 1/3 of the size of the tent itself which is great. With 18.2 square foot of area space it is on the smaller side but after all it is only meant for one camper. Lets read the Eureka spitfire 1 review.

Eureka Spitfire 1 Person Tent Review

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Interior Space In Eureka Spitfire 1 Tent:

It has a center height of 40 inches and comes with bathtub flooring with taped factory seals making it virtually waterproof, direct rain is not going to affect this bad boy whatsoever but its two pole design makes it very strong and resistant to most winds and weather types.

Eureka spitfire 1 blue is small and cramped inside but it does say it is a 1 person tent. Its upfront about how tight a squeeze it is.


  • Spitfire 1 tent is contracted entirely of no-see-um mesh which maximizes the air flow. It also has clasps that attach to the outer frame which mean it can get battered quite rigorously without it being damaged too badly.
  • The lighter tone of the nylon on the exterior of the tent keeps the cool air in and the warm air out, which is absolutely crucial when you consider that the tent is so small in hot temperatures the person inside the tent is going to really feel the heat.

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Durable Components:

This tents size mean that it should be able to withstand greater wind resistance than most tents and it really does, it tackles the issue with no problem whatsoever. Some testers have even suggested that up to 60mph winds can be deflected from it without any issue.

The durability of the frame is also worth mentioning, usually two pole hoop systems blow out with ease but this one holds quite well and with additional stakes should be no problem.

Designed To Meet The Needs:

Eureka spitfire 1 tent is made for serious weather and for serious campers. It does not fall over easily and can be established or set up really quickly. It is designed for rugged terrain and torrential conditions by Eureka tent company.

You could go exploring in this tent and be safe in the knowledge that you are going to be protected at night. Its center height is 40 inches so its standard of any other best tents when it comes to height allowances but it is very, I mean very light at under 3 lbs it is one of the lightest best 1 person tent on the market… ever!

Color Variations:

Eureka spitfire 1 has comes in a light blue/ steel color. The poles are black and it stand out nicely, it almost looks metallic and is definitely shiny. One thing that we would consider is the dirt and mud that might get onto it and would be very difficult to scrub out due to the color scheme.


  • Spitfire 1 person tent is Light, under 3lbs, CRAZY LIGHT!
  • Rugged and tough.
  • Durable, lastable will not break over time.


  • A little expensive for what you get.
  • Will need additional stakes because the stock options are not strong enough.
  • Hoop system takes longer to set up than other framed tents.

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Thanks for reading Eureka Spitfire 1 Person Tent Review here. Actually it is a great one man tent for the experienced camper. You can go into any weather conditions and be safe in the knowledge that nothing is going to blow over your tent if set up correctly.

It is also super light so if you are covering a lot of ground or are hiking or biking and need to have as little weight on your person at all times this thing barely weighs a thing so you aren’t going to notice it at all with the rest of your equipment.

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Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Review

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 is the “everything you need” kind of tent. It has no extras and is bare bones; it does the job pure and simple. It’s one of the sturdiest models around, it keeps you protected.

It’s cheap and it’s totally reliable. No other tent is as basically wonderful as Lynx 1 tent. Lightweight, durable and gets the job done.

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Review

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Interior Space In Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Person Tent

This is a one person style tent, and it fits one person comfortably. You can store your equipment inside the tent keeping your equipment dry and safe with very little to no hassle.

The interior of the tent will be kept very cool due to the plethora of mesh available for good ventilation. This tent is also completely waterproof, only very strong storms cause wetness inside the tent. It’s basic but brilliant.


  • One of the great thing about Lynx1 is that it has extra storage available in a vestibule that not many tents of this size and price have to offer.
  • The fly and floor seams are specifically designed with a factory fitting so every time you unpack the tent it has that, “just come out of the bag” feel. It’s secure, steady and ultra reliable.

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Durable Components:

With extra large #8 zippers on the door flap and vestibule flap are extremely durable and easy to grip in all types of weather conditions.

The tent also features a post and grommet pole/tent connection with adjustable external guy out loops which are a brilliant feature that keep the tent stable in the wind.

It allows slight give whilst being adjusted to the frame but not enough to cause a long lasting damaging affect. It truly is a brilliant design.

Meet The Needs:

Almost everything about Alps Lynx 1 is designed specifically to meet a campers needs, nothing has been left to the imagination, spared or skipped o when it comes to the Lynx 1. It has everything you need and covers all the bases.

An interesting point is the aluminum frame which is light, strong and durable. This bare essential frame provides the most support for the least weight and the cheapest cost.

Available Color Variations:

The outer frame of the Alps Lynx 1 tent comes in a dark grey outer shell and a copper/bronze finish along the bottom skirt.

The first interior layer is a brighter grey which makes it easy to spot but also goes well with the other 2 colors. Without the outer-shell attached at all the black mesh fitting and grey inner shell combine with the orange frame to create a very rugged look.


  • Lightweight, durable, good in all types of weather.
  • Extra vestibule storage space which most tents of this size don’t offer.
  • Strong design, basic frame.
  • Won’t be knocked down easily in windy conditions.


  • Very basic design, its bare bones.
  • On the smaller side, you will not be able to fit two people comfortably in this model.
  • Although lightweight it is still heavy compared to others on the market.

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If you are buying your first tent and it is going to be used by you along, buy Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 person tent. It is  basic, it has everything you would need. Read how to find best tents here.

It works well, it is not flashy and most of all it gets the job done.

This tent keeps you safe and dry and does not try to be something it isn’t, it’s simply rugged and we love it! Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 person tent is one of the best 1 person tent available on the market.

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