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Best 2 Person Tent Reviews

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If selected carefully based on expert advice, the best 2 person tent will offer you shelter from different elements of weather, refuge from some of the most dangerous animal life and even privacy from other campers. Read Best 2 Person Tent Buyers Guide

Even so, there are several types of 2 man tents in the market today, which calls for a bit of know-how when choosing between the different sizes, fabric, brands, durable and an affordable tent for two. Below are some of them reviewed by our TentsPro team.

Coleman Sundome 2 person tent

Coleman Sundome 2 person tent

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This tent is best used for backpacking adventures. It is easy to carry, light and comes in two colors– either green or gray. It features interior pockets, pole clips and pole sleeves. Included accessories are guylines and storage sack. You can get more information and buy this tent at Amazon.com for only $58.25.

Outstanding Features:
  • Center height: 48 inches
  • Fabric: Polyester taffeta
  • Electric accessibility port
  • Simple 2-pole design for fast setup

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Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2 Person Tent

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2 Person Tent

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Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2 Person tent’s best features are its spacious interiors, gear loft and two accessible doors. The materials used for this tent are inexpensive; that’s why it’s not very ideal for windy and strong weather. The good thing about this tent is that it is cheap and affordable. You can get more information and buy this tent at Amazon.com for only $103.73 with free shipping.

Outstanding features:
  • Fabric: Polyester taffeta
  • Easy assembly pole clips
  • Great weather protection
  • Imported

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Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 Person Tent

Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 Person Tent

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Alps Mountaineering Chaos 2 Person Tent is popular for its single continuous pole design and easy assembly. It is perfect for backpacking because it features a mesh design providing a good ventilation and a better view for star gazing. You can buy this at Amazon.com for only $155.97 with free shipping.

Outstanding Features:
  • Packed size: 6.5 x 22 inches
  • Floor dimensions:86 x 56 inches
  • Floor Area:33 square feet
  • Floor fabric: Coated polyester taffeta
  • Easy assembly
  • Excellent weather protection

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Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Man Tent

Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Man Tent

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This is a perfect tent for those who are on a tight budget! This is freestanding and very lightweight backpacking tent.Once you erect the tent you can pick it up and move it around with ease. It is one of the best 2 person tent with end entry and lots of mesh for wonderful ventilation.

At night you will be able to look up at the stars whilst still staying dry and protected from the weather. The tent is set up by a system of clips making it very fast and ultra light weight.

The fabric is UV resistant polyester fly which is perfect for hot and dry temperatures- the ventilation will keep you cool. The zippers on the tent are also noiseless which ensures perfect silence for you to appreciate nature and all of its glory in peace.Simple polyester fabric is used, cheap and practical.

The DAC poles and Color-Clip construction design make it one of the easiest tents to set up. Extra storage is available in the vestibules and there is a lot of space for packing gear.

Outstanding features:
  • Floor area: 30 ft
  • Dimensions: 85 x 57/44 x 42 inches
  • Great design for 3-season use
  • Color-coded clip construction

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Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent

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This freestanding, four corner tent is one of the most versatile and sturdy tents on the market. This freestanding, four corner tent is one of the most versatile and sturdy tents on the market. Its polyester composite keeps the interior of the tent very cool and shaded whilst still allowing for great ventilation and visibility.

A unique aspect of this tent is that it combines mesh sidewalls and polyester frame connectors give it the best of worlds, strength and space. The Morrison is one of the best 2 person tent with three season versatility. It is just as effective in the winter as it is in the summer.

To top it off this tent also boasts a bathtub floor design with taped seams for ultimate dryness and comfort.

Polyester fabric is used for versatility, style and UV sunlight protection. You will not get burnt with this tent! The three season versatility is something that this tent truly possesses.

It doesn’t matter if you want to go out in the middle of winter or the autumn you will be absolutely fine in this tent.

The thick walls combined with the mesh, keep the heat in and the cold out when you need it and then when it gets too hot inside the tent, the mesh works for you releasing the hot or humid are and trapping the cool air inside. It really is a great design!

It’s your basic free standing; four corner tents so it is one of the sturdiest around, only extremely dangerous storms would knock this tent over! It is truly one of the most rugged tents on the market.

Outstanding features:
  • Free standing 3-season, 2-person tent
  • 2 doors and vestibules
  • Mesh wall panels for excellent ventilation
  • Bathtub floor structure with taped seams

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Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2 Person Tent

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2 Person Tent

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It is an absolutely outstanding lightweight backpacking tent. The Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2 is a backpacking tent on the market for warm, humid climates.The unique aspect of this tent is the netting feature which allows for 100% ventilation without blockages.

This tent connects you to the outside world with the meshing design for walls and the one of a kind two-pole design allows for maximum head room inside the tent itself.

Zephyr 2 also features two doors on either side allowing for movement to take place with ease along with two vestibules over each of the door entrances to create even more storage options for the ultimate camping experience.

This is an imported design with state of the art aluminum poles. The polyester fabric ensures that there will be no UV damage to your skin and the fabric stays taught and does not get caught in the zippers or fray over time.

Its factory sealed so you don’t have to worry about repairs of trying to get the best weather protection via modifications…. It is already the best!

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Eureka Spitfire 2 Person Tent

Eureka Spitfire 2 Person Tent

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This a is two-pole hoop tent sleeps 2 person comfortably.It is one from the most lightweight best 2 person backpacking tent weighing in at under 3lbs. The tent body is constructed entirely of no-see-mesh which allows for full ventilation but it is completely opaque.

Another great feature about this tent is the “bathtub floor” which has taped seams which protect it from rain or water splashing inside the tent. Quick to set up, easy to move around, this tent is perfect for the hiker, backpacker on the go who needs to quickly get from one place to the other.

This is your basic tent that covers all the bases you will require. Its two-pole hoop design does make it a little smaller at only 18.12 square feet in area space but its sleek design more than makes up for the reduction in space.

Eureka Spitfire 2 does include a great sized vestibule for extra storage space. The Bathtub floor is simply spectacular too! I challenge you to try and get dampness inside this tent, it simply cannot be done.You will also be hard-pressed to find a lighter tent on the market too, good luck trying!

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Slumberjack 2 Person Tent

Slumberjack 2 Person Tent

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This tent can boast 33.3 square feet of floor area and still weigh in at under 7lbs, now that is impressive! This tent is ideal for backpacking, fishing, or weekend get-aways. It offers a special low bulk design along with ridge pole geometry that creates an incredible amount of space inside.

This tent is also equipped with noiseless zipper poles and a heavy-duty 75D polyester 1200mm construction. It can handle all types of weather.

One great feature about this tent is the quick and easy side-release buckle ten-fly connection which keeps the fuss to a minimum and the fun to the maximum.

It’s a unique free standing 2-person Trail Tent; it offers full coverage from the rain and vestibule. Great for those long backpacking trails when you are out discovering the world. You can also store fishing rods and equipment in separate storage space so they will be safe and secure at all times.

It’s really simple to set up too! The color-coded clip construction has a side-release buckle ten-fly connection. There is not a better design out there in the market. The poles are made from fiberglass, they are heavy-duty 75D Polyester 1200mm construction with taped seams;

Mesh wall panels are also used which helps ventilation and as you would expect with a tent of this caliber the zippers are completely noiseless so you won’t be disturbing nature or your friends and/or family when you are getting in and out of the tent.

It’s one of the heavier tents available with 6lbs total weight, but considering the size that you are getting for such weight it really is worth it with 33.3 square feet and 84 x 52 x 41 inches; 6 x 20 inches.

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The reviews above provide enough information and insights to enthusiastic backpackers on what tent to use during their outdoor adventure. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and it will depend on you on what specific features you want to look for. The above reviews just serve as a guide to help you get started in looking for the best camping tents that will complete your fun-filled getaway.

Best 2 Person Tent Buyers Guide

Choosing the right tent will therefore require the following:

  1. Striking an appropriate balance between different prices, weights and sizes.
  2. A clear grasp of your preferences and a blueprint of the conditions in most of the places where the tent will be used. That highlighted; here is a brief description of those essential requirements:

Regardless of how much you have, every buyer wishes to go for the most affordable best 2 person tent. Quality notwithstanding, you will have to look for a tent with the most ideal weight and at a price that is reasonable in relation to the services that you expect.


It is one of the virtues that matter a lot when it comes to the selection of tents. If you will be traveling a lot, you may have to contend with a reduced and squeezed interior in order to keep the weight as low as possible.

Interior space

Although this aspect is affected largely by the weight that you prefer, it is also common knowledge that everyone desires ample space within the tent as this will allow them to carry extra personal effects.

Here are some of the questions that you’ll need to ask before buying a best 2 person tent:

How many people can it comfortably accommodate?

Although it is clear that this guide is to find best 2 person tent, there are variations. Remember, most of these tents fit snugly in order to keep the weight low. Before deciding how many people will fit in such a tent, therefore, some aspects such as their relationship and body size will come into play.

A cozy couple can comfortably fit in a 2 person tent but for two larger people, a 3-person tent will be more appropriate. If you will be packing with a small child or a pet on the other hand, going for a 3-person tent will be the most ideal step to take.

What is the most ideal weight?

Solo tents have always weighed between 2-3 pounds while most of the best 2 person tents stand between 3 and 5 pounds. However, it may go up to 6 pounds or even drop to 2 depending on the manner in which it is set and the fabric used.

When making a purchase, ensure you go for something close to 3 pounds or less. However, have it in mind that most of the tents with a lower weight will often offer a snug interior.

What price range should I expect?

Buying from reputable stores such as Amazon where the price of a tent is commensurate to the service that it will offer, you will grab your best 2 person tent from as low as $100. Depending on the tent’s size and quality, however, the price may go up to $500.

An elevated price tag normally translates to lower weight and extra refinements, which is the kind of quality that you would desire to spend on. If you don’t intend to use the tent frequently, however, going for the lower price range would be more reasonable.

What are the conditions that I am likely to encounter?

best 2 person tent for bad weather

The conditions in any place where the tent is likely to be used should be taken into consideration before making a purchase. Otherwise, you should go for a 3 season tent that is ideal for moderate and extreme weather conditions. If you will be using such a tent in a warm or humid area, all you need is a tent with a lot of ventilating mesh panels.

For a tent that will be used in a chilly and windy area on the other hand, an extended-season tent would be the most ideal. If you suspect sustained winds and winter months ahead, a mountaineering tent will offer you the best services. In essence, always carry the kind of tent that is capable of handling the worst conditions that you expect.

What are the precise features in a tent that I should watch out for?

Two features stand pout when assessing the quality of a tent:

The doors

A 2 person tent will have doors depending on its weight. Ideally, very light tents will come with one door. Although this is enough, an ideal 2 person tent should have two doors such that each of the occupants has their own entry and exit point.

This way, you can leave and enter the tent as you please without disturbing anyone. If you partner wants to return early while you stay doing some stargazing, you will obviously come to the tent at your preferred time without disturbing the first occupant’s peace.


These are the extendable parts of a tent’s rainfly which create a sheltered ground right outside the tent for things such as stashing boots. Almost all tents will come with 1 or 2 vestibules but these often differ in size.

However, the sizes will be included among the specs such that you make a personalized analysis and select a tent that is appropriate.

What is the ease of pitching the best 2 person tent?

If you are using such a tent for the first time, you probably wonder how easy it is for one to pitch it. A greater proportion of these tents are freestanding, which implies that they can stand without stakes.

This means that they are extremely easy to set up and on the other hand, can be re-positioned with ease. All you need is to lift the poles and establish the tent in a different location, which of course should not be so far away.

The complexity of setting up a tent will increase with the number of poles. After using it for some time, however, the process of pitching this facility turns out to be an instinctive process regardless of how big the tent is. For an easy moment, always practice pitching the tent at home before you go for any trip.

How do you assess the tent’s size and livability?

An ideal tent should offer such interior dimensions that it is not too roomy nor too snugy.

Sleeper capacity

Although it has been mentioned before, it is worth noting that not all two-person tents are created with a similar capacity. In fact, there is no industry standard that defines the floor capacity that a 2 person tent should carry. Most of the time that people spend inside a tent is mostly devoted to sleeping or lying down. This leaves the question as to whether the sit-up space matters.

While a number of people would argue that the sit-up space is not necessary, consider a situation where you are confined to the tent for a long time due to conditions such as a storm. During the time when you are not snoozing, some room may be necessary.

Gauging the tent’s interior volume

Manufacturers will always offer three specifications to help you as a shopper approximate the probable interior space. These include:

  • Peak height
  • Floor dimensions
  • Floor area

Even with these specifications, however, you may not possibly know the manner in which the tent’s walls are angled. As a rule of the thumb, always have it in mind that the more vertical the walls are, the more livable space you will have within the tent. If you need a tent with more headroom, go for rounded and dome-shaped versions.

What if you are a taller client?

Not all people are created equal and height is one of the things that matter a lot when buying a best 2 person tent. If you are more than 5 feet tall, it is always advisable to go for a tent with floor lengths measuring 90 inches or more.

Peak height is also essential for a taller client. Generally, a higher peak height translates to a roomier interior. Even so, you should understand that the peak height is measured from a single spot within the room and is therefore not a through depiction of the entire interior space within the tent.

Tents And Seasonality

Three-season tents

This is by far the most popular choice for most people. They are lightweight shelters that are mostly meant for the relatively temperate conditions which occur during summer, spring and fall.

These tents have sufficient mesh panels for better airflow within the tent. While these panels can keep away insects from penetrating into the tent, they can still allow powdery particles of sand. As such, you should consider the ground conditions in the area where such a tent will be used before making the purchase.

If they are properly pitched and endowed with a taut rainfly, 3- season tents can withstand a heavy downpour but they are not a good choice in an area that is characterized by harsh storms and violent winds. Three-season tents will therefore offer you the following:

  • Privacy
  • Protection from bugs
  • Keeping you dry during rainy seasons
Extended-season tents

These tents are specifically designed for prolonged three-season usage. They are therefore suitable for use during summer, early spring and late fall when you are likely to encounter conditions such as moderate snow. The goal that manufacturers have when designing these tents is to strike a balance between proper ventilation, enough warmth and strength.

Generally, these tents will come with 1 or 2 extra tents and fewer mesh panels when compared to the three-season tents. This design ensures that the tent is warmer and sturdier than its counterparts.

Mountaineering tents

These are the only best 2 person tents that are engineered to withstand substantial snow loads and fierce winds. Despite the specialization, these tents can serve any season. In winter when you are meant to face inhospitable weather conditions, therefore, this is the kind of tent that will offer protection. These tents use more poles and relatively heavier fabric, a reason why they are heavier as well.

Mountaineering tents have rounded or dome shapes, which eliminates the flat roof surface that could otherwise accumulate snow. The tents have fewer mesh panels on the other hand, with rainfly that extend very close to the ground so that ventilation is limited. This way, the tent feels warmer and a bit stuffy during cold seasons.

Minimalist tents

Minimalist tents are very small, with reduced weight and more convenience especially for wilderness travelers. When talking of this category, there are several options that a shopper can choose from.

Ultralight tents

These tents achieve their low weight with the help of lightweight fabrics. Like most ultralight items, however, this is a special-care tent which calls for conscientious treatment in order to extend its shelf life. When selecting a camping site for instance, care ought to be taken to avoid such areas as those with rocks and barbed pine cones.

Single-wall tents

A vast majority of tents are made with a double-wall design where the main tent body is covered with a removable rainfly. Single-wall tents though not so popular, are primarily used by alpine climbers since they are meant to shed more snow than rain.

Their walls are made of a breathable/waterproof fabric, which is why they do not need a rainfly.

Designed in a way to seal tightly in cold and snowy weather, single-walled tents use vapor pressure to keep off condensation and therefore keep the users warm. They are lighter than traditional double-walled tents but can be stuffy especially when you use them under mild conditions.

So far you have it; the basics of the best 2 person tent shopping. As a first-time buyer, this may be all the facts that you need before you head to the stores. If you are more experienced in camping on the other hand, the deeper details already explored will help you find a 2 person tent that will furnish you with a better experience than what you already have.

Take a step today, buy from a reputable store and get the best 2 person tent for a more personalized and thrilling camping experience with your colleague, family member, friend or even spouse. tentspro.com

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