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Best Backpacking Tent Reviews [2020]

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Before we dive in let’s clear up one thing. When we think of the best backpacking tent we almost exclusively think of backpackers and rugged outdoor hikers.

But that is just not the case. Long-distance runners, equestrians, bikers – both motorcycles and pedal bicyclists – use best backpacking tents, and of course hikers.

So when we say the best backpacking tent?

We are really meaning light, compact, easy to carry tents that are good for 1-2 people (sometimes 2 person tent) and accommodate all of the aforementioned activities and more.

Most of them are rated as three-season tents, but you will find some designed as four-season tents for extreme camping, like High Mountain backpacking trips.

One of the first considerations is weight. You will be personally carrying this item everywhere with you, in your pack, your hands, saddlebags etc… so you want to look for lightweight tents.

Most good backpacking tents weigh around 3-5 lbs. Compare that with classic tents weighing 7-10 Lbs or more, and you have already saved yourself some personal hassle and energy use right off the bat.

The next value is the size. A good tent is very small. The one I use is about 15 inches long and 7 inches round, and opens up to be 7 ft long and 4 ft 6 in wide sleeping two.

While they do vary quite a bit in size from one type to another and from one maker to another, lightweight backpacking tents are made to be much more compact than regular large camping tents. So ensure that you know the size your tent is going to take up in your pack before embarking on your trek.

Next feature, Like what, you may ask, are some necessary characteristics? Well one is a tent with a ‘fly’. If it rains or if it is extremely hot, you’ll be glad for that extra piece of nylon between your tent and Mother Nature.

You also want one with the ‘Jake Foot’ for easy setup by only one person. After a full day of hiking or stressing yourself, the last thing you want to do is to struggle with your tent.

You just want to relax and get some much-needed rest. That is one of the best features to the lightweight backpacking tents today; they make it easy for you to setup before you rest.

So the major considerations you need to think about are the weight of the tent, the size, and if it has the qualities you want. If the tent you find has all the things you desire then you have yourself an ace and you are ready to buy your tent.

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