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Do you need a tarp under your tent?

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Sure, you can place a tent along with a random ground cloth or perhaps a blue tarp, and I’ve done this in a pinch, but there’s a risk in doing this. The present-day 8 person tent is made from specialized durable and lightweight materials

Do you need it really?

If it rains, water will gather onto that tarp and begin to accumulate around and under your tent. An ordinary old tarp is an inexpensive option to a tent footprint. Furthermore, with their heavier weight and bulkier size, a typical tarp will stand out from under the edges of your tent and it is easy to setup.

This may allow water to pool between the floor of your tent and the tarp when camping in rain. Tarps work best if you intend on backpacking and you are looking to save lots of weight as it is actually a good sheet of either polyester or nylon. 


You may get by with a tarp on the floor to avoid condensation and a sleeping bag. There exists a rainfly that increases the versatility of the tent since you can utilize this for extra protection with your tent or alone as a shade or a tarp. 

Hammocks and tarps can offer basic shelter from the rain but cannot match the entire comfort and protection provided by a good tent. If your tent doesn’t have one included, a waterproof tarp will also work. Just be certain to fold any excess tarp under, if not it will acquire water rather than repel it. 

When camping at the beach, don’t put a tarp under the tent, but instead inside the tent. Sand camping is completely different and drinking water will seep into, if not float, your tent in heavy rain if you put a tarp under the tent. 

If you aren’t in a minimal spot at a sandy campground, a tarp under the tent is not essential since water absorbs quickly into the sand. Some tents have a footprint or tarp for extra protection from the bottom. 

How tarp will save you?

If you’re expecting a major storm you can improvise one with a tarp, but Coleman someone to fit this tent arrives soon.  When you take your brand-new tent out because of its first try, be sure you bring a footprint or tarp and be sure you have sufficient stakes. 

With a straightforward 2 pole assembly, the Sierra Canvas tent offers a different camping experience from typical.

A very important thing given about canvas tents and living in it; should be averaging an extended life to provide you with a good environment. Consider what size your tent truly must be and what type of conditions your tent will face. 

In case you are camping in warm weather, you can hang a tarp over the tent if you’re worried about rain but don’t want the added insulation of the fly.

What to look for?

  • In the event that you truly need the moisture out, it’s still strongly recommended that you lay out a tarp first before establishing all of those other tents. 
  • Because so many of the single wall tents don’t even provide a footprint, plus I really do a lot of tarp camping, I’ve gone with Tyvek.
  • These footprint tarps are created slightly smaller than the bottom of your tent. 


In this situation, it is preferred to create a rain tarp outrageous of the tent. Although the fabric is waterproof, a tarp and rainfly are strongly recommended if you intend to camp in heavy rain. 

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